Ian McTavish

Barracuda Trio

$36.00 USD

Art print featuring the fearsome Barracuda.

  • 210gsm smooth matte acid free paper
  • Archival inks
  • Available in A4 open edition prints or A3 & A2 limited edition prints
  • Larger sizes available on request

Ian was inspired to capture the sleek lines and colours of this impressive and ferocious fish. ‘This is a fish in my mind’s eye, as it doesn’t really exist in these vivid colours.’

These are actually 3 separate fish sculptures that were completed in October 2020. Each is different in colour and texture. The artworks were created on a 67cm long canvas of cedar wood and recycled sheet metal, with each piece being hand cut and seamlessly fitted. They were painted using Matisse acrylic colour and finished with a clear gloss protective art coating, making the colours ‘pop’ and creating an amazing look.

Once finished the sculptures were photographed in High Definition by Auckland based art photographer Sait Akkiman, resulting in a the creation of the Ocean Series - open prints in size A4 & signed limited edition prints in sizes A3 to A0. 


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