Steffi Tregenna

Pastel Wave I

$825.00 NZD

Pastel Wave I is a beautiful, original, shell & sea treasure framed montage by Steffi Tregenna. 

  • Size : 450 x 325 x 45 mm

Steffi is an enthusiastic beachcomber with a profound love for the ocean and its wonders. Each piece of sea treasure featured in her work is exclusively collected from the beaches of New Zealand. All seaglass and shells have undergone natural tumbling solely by the sea.

Each design is carefully thought through and the right treasures are skilfully sorted and mounted, they are varnished with a UV protectorant & then framed under glass ready to adorn your wall.    

We all collect shells on the beach but we don't all mange to turn them into stunning original works of art in the way Steffi has!

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