Next Door Gallery

Gift Card

$25.00 NZD

Why choose a gift card? 

Choosing a gift that someone special will treasure is not always easy - well help is at hand - with a Next Door Gallery gift card you simply can't go wrong!

This guaranteed people pleaser is perfect for special occasions like Christmas, Weddings, Anniversaries, Farewell Gifts, that extra special Birthday or to give as a group gift to someone choose an artwork that they will treasure for a life time.

You can choose to have this gift card emailed or couriered to you or direct to the recipient, or it can simply be collected from the Gallery. Just note which option you would like in the 'How can we help you' section in the Shopping Cart.

  • Next Door Gallery Gift Cards have no expiry date and if not redeemed in one purchase, a store credit will held for the remainder of the balance.
  • You can combine values to reach the amount you require so for a Gift Card for $625 select 3 x $200 and 1 x $25, if you need more than 1 gift card just let us   know in the 'how can we help you' section of the shopping cart.
  • Gift Cards can be used or put towards any item/s in the Gallery.
  • If you would like a special message written on your Gift Card , there is a section in the Shopping Cart  'Gift message' where you can write your message and we'll make sure to personalise it for you.
  • To redeem your gift card online please contact or email us for your unique code.

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