Getting Lost

The Advent Calendar Edition

$29.90 NZD

 The Getting Lost Advent Calendar allows you to add a little bit more Christmas joy in the lead up to Christmas without the stress of having yet another thing to plan!

The Advent Calendar Edition of the Getting Lost Game has 24 Christmas activities to do in the lead up to Christmas.  We've numbered each of the cards from 1-24 but as you know at Getting Lost we have a fairly flexible outlook on rules so feel free to shuffle (or just plain cheat!) if these days don't work for you.
Over the course of 24 days we’ll have you giving to others, making Santa Grotto’s in your lounge, rewriting Christmas carols, making your lunch in Christmas shapes, learning new things, hunting for Christmassy things in your neigbourhood, saying ho ho ho when you see a red car and dressing each other for the day!

All directions are designed to be low cost and accessible without a lot of set up or effort required.

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