Jay Lloyd

Bronze Shells, Seeds and Nuts

$49.00 NZD

Jay has cast each of these small pieces from the real thing. This makes them very special one-off's just like mother nature. Pictured are all the pieces we have in stock so choose from the drop down menu by clicking on the description for your unique piece.

Each is solid bronze and the perfect size to hold in your hand or create a collection. The half walnut shell includes a full nut that fits cleverly inside.

All measurements are approximate & vary slightly.

1st Image (Top): Small/Medium/Large Double Cockle Shells, Small/Medium Clam Shell.

1st Image (Bottom) : Small/Large Cockle Shell, Medium/Large Tua Tua Shell

2nd Image (Top) : x 2 Single Acorns, Gum nut

2nd Image (Bottom) : Large Acorn with bonnet, Single Acorn

3rd Image: Half Shell + Walnut #1, Half Shell + Walnut #2, Solid Walnut #1, Solid Walnut #2, Sand Dollar - Small

  • Gum Nut - 26 x 73 mm
  • Single Acorns - 53-58 mm long
  • Acorn with bonnet - 62 x 56 mm
  • Whole Walnut - 40 x 30 mm
  • Sand Dollar - 45 mm wide
  • Tua Tua - 45-65 mm wide
  • Clam shells - 35/45 mm wide
  • Cockle shells - 47/53 mm wide
  • Double shells - 38/48/52 mm wide

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