Bronze Shells, Seeds and NutsBronze Shells, Seeds and Nuts

Jay Lloyd

Bronze Shells, Seeds and Nuts

From $39.00 NZD
Hanging AlbatrossHanging Albatross

Jay Lloyd

Hanging Albatross

From $199.00 NZD
Desk Top KoruDesk Top Koru

Jay Lloyd

Desk Top Koru

From $59.00 NZD
Bronze Tui

Jay Lloyd

Bronze Tui

From $329.00 NZD
Hanging Whale TailHanging Whale Tail

Jay Lloyd

Hanging Whale Tail

From $189.00 NZD
Hanging Fish HooksHanging Fish Hooks

Jay Lloyd

Hanging Fish Hooks

From $159.00 NZD
Nikau SculptureNikau Sculpture

James Russ

Nikau Sculpture

$3,995.00 NZD
Kotare Bronze SculptureKotare Bronze Sculpture

Adrian Frencken

Kotare Bronze Sculpture

$495.00 NZD

Fiona Garlick


$450.00 NZD
Charming InvadersCharming Invaders

Fiona Garlick

Charming Invaders

$1,585.00 NZD
Suburban DeitySuburban Deity

Helen Holmes

Suburban Deity

$1,000.00 NZD
Stairway To HeavenStairway To Heaven

Marté Szirmay

Stairway To Heaven

$900.00 NZD

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