Helen Keen

Curious Moments

$4,900.00 NZD

Curious Moments is a multi coloured abstract featuring flashes of gold leaf designed to catch the light. It's a grand size at 1030 x 1030cm square.

Encaustic Wax paintings are  rarely seen in New Zealand. Based on ancient techniques first developed by  Greeks, Romans and Egyptians, encaustic painting was made popular by artists such as Diego Rivera and Jasper Johns. 

Traditional paint is not used but rather up to 50 layers of pigmented molten beeswax and tree resin which are  fused together with flame, hardened, cured and buffed to a glossy sheen. The result is a texture unlike any other artwork that can be experienced on a tactile level - seen, touched, felt and even smelt.

Framed in an Oak wooden box frame, ready to hang

  • Size 1030cm x 1030cm x 6cm


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