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Organic Essential Oil Roller Blends

$29.90 NZD

Lovingly hand made in New Zealand from organic ingredients, these wee roller blends are essential support for our busy lives. Perfect to pop in your hand bag, desk, car and bedside table or gift them as a truly supportive present.

"All of my products are made by me with love to give you rituals to add into your life & give you confidence, self worth & make you feel beautiful from the inside out" - Nikki x

Each 10 ml blend is $29.90 and comes in an easy to apply roller for your pulse points. They are designed for regular application to receive their full benefits. The essential oils are blended in a fractioned coconut oil for those with sensitive skin. Please note they are not recommended for use when pregnant.

A great tip is to roll it on your hands with lotion then moisturize all your body for a fantastic lift.

How about trying our "Triple Pack" for $85 to start your supportive collection? Just tick this option and check out and write in the 'Notes' which Three Blends you would like.

  • 'Express Myself' - a beautiful harmony infused to enhance self acceptance, honour your body and empower you (Bergamont, Ginger and Grapefruit)
  • 'Confidence' - is for those of us that struggle to find our voice and be heard...clear your throat baby! (Lavender)
  • 'Calm & Focus' - a beautiful potion that every gal needs in her handbag. Made with love and light to lift your spirits and ease the crippling nervous tension caused by anxiety (Frankincense, Lavender and Lime)
  • 'Happy Dance' - designed to keep you feeling uplifted, energized with that extra spring in your step. One of our favorites! (Cedar wood, Geranium and Wild Orange)
  • 'Passion' - if you are seeking direction this blend will realign your sacral chakra. This releases sexual harmony, assist with rediscovering joy & encourage you to discover new things. Its warm notes make it a favorite with our customers all year round (Bergamont, Whisper and Cinnamon)
  • 'Grounded' - Feeling aloof and unsettled then Grounded is for you. Made from oils designed to help you center, heal and become present in your own body (Vetiver, Patchouli and White Fir)
  • 'Self Love' - to help you love that inner child, influence love, trust and reignite your energy. An amazing smelling perfume which will help you get started with self love (Ylang Ylang, Geranium and Lime)
  • 'Sleepy Time' - For those of us that struggle to switch off at night this wee addition to your night time routine will help get you to sleep (Lavender, Vetiver and Roman Chamomile)
  • 'Breathe Easy' - designed to open the air ways; help soften tight chests and stop continuous coughing. Roll on souls of feet, neck, chest & pulse points every 20 mins for about an hour before bed... best invention ever! (Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Lemon)
  • 'Meditate' - made with ingredients designed to uplift, calm and find your divine spiritual connection (Frankincense, Lemon and Roman Chamomile)


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