Luke Jacomb Studio

Glass Tui

$285.00 USD

This lovely cast glass Tuii appears to float so lightly off the wall. Light brings the translucent beauty of the glass to life and the stunning colours will suit any decor .

Tui imitate the songs of other birds, and can also imitate people. The birds were sometimes tamed and taught to speak. They were taught mihi (greetings) which they would recite when visitors arrived, as well as prayers and proverbs. They were often trained to sound like the loud and deep voice of a chief. A Tui that spoke like this was called a manu rangatira ‚ a chiefly bird. Sometimes a Tui was named after a tribe‚ or a famous ancestor, and kept by the chief.

It comes with a secure screw to fix into the wall then you can swivel it to a position that shows it off best.

We usually have these colours in stock but please check before making a special trip. There is a much wider range of colours available to order which takes approx 2-6 weeks depending on the time of year.

Luke Jacomb Studio - formerly Lukeke

  • Solid cast glass
  • L270 x W90 x D110 mm

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