Honeywrap Reusable Food Wraps

$17.90 NZD

Honeywrap's are made with 100% organic cotton, containing a blend of beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil. This perfect mix makes the cloth tacky so it can be shaped over food and dishes. Keep your food fresh and your conscience free. Honeywrap's are non-toxic and a sustainable alternative to plastic wrap. They come in a variety of sizes plus they can be used for up to a year. Each Honeywrap saves 75 metres of plastic going into our landfill or oceans.

  • Small Twin pack - snack size - 2 at 17 x 20 cm asstd prints
  • Medium - 27 x 31cm asstd prints
  • Large - 33 x 35cm asstd prints
  • XL - Loaf of bread, salad bowl 40 x 45 cm asstd prints
  • asstd printsSuper size - Platters, Baguettes 44 x 60cm asstd prints
  • Triple Pack - x 1 small, x 1 medium, x 1 large (33 x 35cm) asstd prints

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