Kāhu | Harrier Hawk Metalbird

$94.95 NZD

The Kāhu is NZ’s biggest bird of prey and the one giving you the filthy look when you interrupt its middle-of-the-road lunch. Although possum- or rabbit-a-la-car is the Kāhu’s go-to meal, they also like to cruise the wide open spaces for small birds, mammals and insects. In spring, they’re famous for their dramatic mating dance involving lots of diving, calling and general showing off. To Māori the Kāhu is a symbol of victory and one flying over the village during a tribal meeting was a very good sign. What a cool addition to any backyard.

This Kahu is:

  • Size 46cm high by 39cm
  • Is made locally in a family-owned factory, right here in NZ
  • Is crafted from 3mm Corten steel and designed to last a lifetime
  • Is easy to install - holding on a downwards angle simply tap the thickest end of the stake with a hammer or mallet until secure

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