Tamzin Blair

Mahoe Mandala

$490.00 NZD

A Mandala is a spiritual symbol representing the universe with an inner and outer world. Literally mandala means "circle" which is seen as a magical form, without beginning and without end, just as the universe is believed to be without end.

Tamzin has created this meditative mandala out of dried native Mahoe leaves. Their lace-like structure lets the light come thru for a beautiful wall piece. As these are handmade out of natural materials each piece is unique and will vary slightly.

Please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery or pop into the gallery to see our current Mandala artworks.

They can be hung inside and look stunning against a plain wall or, outdoors in a natural setting to complement your garden.

  • Leaves set in resin on an acrylic panel
  • 600 mm circle with stainless steel screws to float 20-30 mm off the wall
  • Suitable in or outdoors

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