Kiri Schumacher

Mt Cook Lily Necklace Simple 22ct Gold Plate

$315.00 NZD

This necklace calls us to connect with our higher as well as our deeper self - like the mountain where the flower grows.

Mount Cook is majestic. Maori know the mountain as ‘Aorangi’, meaning Light of Heaven. Each year its slopes are graced with a show of beautiful white petals as the native Mt Cook Lily opens its flowers towards the sun.

The Mt Cook Lily Collection speaks of our connection with the landscape, and embodies the vitality of alpine flowers in spring.

Fine petals and stamen unfold in gold, heralding growth and new direction. Partnered with a simple gold chain, this pendant has a feminine quality and rests beautifully against your skin.

Handcrafted in sterling silver, then plated in 22ct gold.

Metric : Flower 17mm wide, on a 450mm chain.
Imperial : Flower 0.65" wide, on a 17.71" chain.

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