Lily Griffin

Paua Shell Earrings & Necklace

$165.00 NZD

Paua Shell

According to Maori tradition, the gifting of stunningly colourful paua shell is believed to bring the wearer of the gift good luck, prosperity and peace.


These little Paua shell earrings are made in polished sterling silver. The inside of the shell is then hand painted with porcelain paint.

Sterling silver shells (10 x 15mm), handpainted and hanging from sterling silver hooks. (These are hook earrings not hoop earrings as shown)

Each shell is individually handpainted, so no two shells are the same.


This little Paua shell necklace is made in polished sterling silver.

Sterling silver shell (10 x 15mm), handpainted and suspended from a 45cm sterling silver fine chain.

As each shell is individually handpainted, no two shells are identical.

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