Dave Bell Design

Six Kete Limited Edition Print

$249.00 NZD

Six Kete Framed Art Print Dave Bell

Dave has captured the beauty of the kete in this lovely limited edition print he has called "e ono nga kete karakeke" (six flax baskets)

Kete are traditional baskets made and used by New Zealand's Maori people. They may be of many sizes, but are most often found in sizes similar to large handbags. Kete are traditionally woven from the leaves of New Zealand flax called harakeke and have two handles at the top. Other materials are sometimes used, including the leaves of the nikau palm and cabbage tree

"I have been an artist and fine art screen printer for at least 40+ years. My more recent work is more influenced by our flora and fauna, and our cultural diversities in society and art.- Dave Bell

  • Limited edition print framed with matte
  • Ready to hang
  • Outside frame measurement - width 500 mm x height 400 mm

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