James Russell

The Dragon Defenders Book Series

$24.90 NZD

The chapter novels by James Russell are a fantastic story that carries on from the Trilogy of much loved children's books The Dragon Hunters, The Dragon Tamers and the Dragon Riders. The two young boys continue their adventures on an island that has its own Dragon, where living off grid is routine and being brave and resourceful is a must!

Plus the books comes alive with the augmented reality free app that you download onto a smartphone or tablet. There are 5 pages through the book where it becomes reality .. Wow!

  • Paperback with 180 pages of adventure (29 Chapters) and instructions on how to download the app. (133 x 200 mm)
  • The Dragon Defenders - Book 1 Ôªø
  • ÔªøÔªøThe Dragon Defenders - Book 2 : The Pitbull Returns
  • The Dragon Defenders - Book 3 : The Unfamiliar Place
  • ÔªøThe Dragon Defenders - Book 4 : All is Lost
  • The Dragon Defenders - Book 5 : The Grand Opening

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