Cadman Rock

Artemis Lasso Of Truth Lariat Rose Quartz Silver Necklace by Cadman Rock

$399.00 NZD

Mythical Empowerment in Silver and Gemstone

Discover our captivating "Artemis Lasso of Truth Lariat Necklace," a masterpiece shaped by the revered Divine feminine archetypes of Artemis and the modern-day Wonder Woman. Drawing inspiration from Wonder Woman's iconic Lasso of Truth, this lariat necklace is a handcrafted wonder in shimmering Sterling Silver, believed to bring clarity and wisdom.

This piece is symbolic and stylish with a sterling silver chain embodying Artemis's grace and a lariat style reminiscent of the lasso's dynamic energy and can be worn at different lengths. The chain length is 52 cm and the pendant is 2 cm in length and 1.5cm wide. 

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