Cadman Rock

Artemis's Arrow Clear Quartz Silver & Gold Earrings

$289.00 NZD

Unveil your inner huntress with our captivating Artemis's Arrow Sterling Silver Earrings in Clear Quartz. Crafted with meticulous care, these earrings pay homage to the fierce and empowering spirit of Artemis, the ancient Greek goddess of the hunt. Channel her strength and determination as you adorn yourself with these exquisite arrow-inspired studs.

Sculpted in gleaming 925 Sterling Silver, with 2 microns of Gold vermeil, these arrow-shaped studs capture Artemis's prowess as a skilled archer and protector of the wild. The delicate curves and lines of the arrows echo the graceful strength of her bow, while the polished finish reflects her radiant aura. The stone is 1cm (at the widest point) and  x 1.2 cm in length. The total length of the earring is approx. 2cm.

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