Bohepe Wool & Alpaca Baby/Child's Beanies

$59.90 NZD

We are excited to stock this lovely hat that will stretch and grow with babies to toddlers and even young teenagers. The Wyld label is reversible so the rim of the hat is folded up to fit babies then folded down for extension as they grow. A versatile hat that will grow with them for years.

Wyld creates organically grown products from the natural fleece of the Pihepe and Bohepe sheep, which endure extreme conditions in the wild.

Made in New Zealand, organically grown and scoured, they are designed to hug you and keep you cosy.

This soft-to-the-touch wool has bulk and bounce with a gentle, light and airy feel. It comes packed in a bamboo fiber bag to store the hat in during summer time.

  • 50% Bohepe Wool, 25% Merino Wool, 25% Alpaca 
  • Bohepe wool is natural cream, undyed, chemical-free wool from ethically farmed sheep
  • 165 mm wide by 175 mm deep when laid flat (Unstretched)
  • Farmed, designed and produced in New Zealand
  • Part of the 'Slow fibre movement' that results in a natural fibre both in its colour and its quality
  • Unisex - One Size To Fit Babies/Toddlers/Children/Young Teens - Simply Turn Up Or Fold Down

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