EUGY 3D Morepork | Kitset Model

$19.90 NZD

With a haunting, melancholic call the morepork is a small, dark, forest-dwelling owl living in New Zealand. Its Māori name, ruru, reflects this call, heard in the forest at dusk and throughout the night.

Have fun with this charming 3D Morepork which will keep those busy hands and creative minds engaged. These collectable kitsets are perfect for adults and children alike & come with everything you need to construct your model. Start creating your very own flock or zoo today!

  • Suitable for age 6 years and up.
  • Assembly takes 10-20 minutes.
  • Each individual piece is numbered.
  • Just glue together in numerical sequence.
  • Non-toxic glue and instructions included.
  • Packaging Dimensions: 8cm x 16cm x 2.3cm.
  • Reddot Award winner 2022.
  • Designed in New Zealand.

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