Pīwakawaka | Fantail | Metalbird

$74.95 NZD

The New Zealand  Pīwakawaka or Fantail is an iconic native bird. It's pretty fanned tail gives them amazing acrobatic abilities, like changing direction on the spot and flipping upside down to nab a bug under a leaf. Get this much-loved bird for your deck or garden or gift it to a friend - perfect for sending overseas to loved ones!

  • Regular size - 27cm high by 24cm wide approximately 300g 
  • Easy to send our regular boxes are standard letter size, measuring 31cm x 21 cm x 1cm
  • Large size - 36.5cm high by 34cm wide approximately 450g
    Easy to send our large boxes measure 39cm x 34 cm x 1cm, designed to fit in a postal mailer
  • Made locally in a family-owned factory, right here in NZ
  • Crafted from 3mm Corten steel and designed to rust attractively & last a lifetime
  • Easy to install holding on a downwards angle simply tap the thickest end of the stake with a hammer or mallet until secure

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