Darina Denali

Night Guardian

$149.00 NZD
This charming Ruru or Night Guardian is by Darina Denali, an award-winning artist originally from the Czech Republic. She graduated  from the “Private School of Art and Design in Prague”. Her desire for adventure led her to live in various parts of the world before settling permanently in Russell, New Zealand in 2010.

Now living by the ocean and native bush, this always moving and breathing ecosystem is a source of never ending inspiration for her.
Through the years Darina has mastered many art techniques, working mainly with oils and acrylics.  But with her role of being a mother, she has re-discovered her love of watercolours. This technique suits her "always on the go" lifestyle and it allows her to capture the pulsating energy of nature in an expressive, playful and unpredictable way while using the most vivid colours.
  • 200 x 200 x 35 mm square
  • Original artwork
  • Watercolours on canvas
  • Sealed with UV varnish & protective sealant wax for a fade free wipe clean finish 
  • Ready to hang.

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