Ute Wallbach

Sibling Ceramic Sculpture

$175.00 NZD

This lovely hand formed ceramic sculpture by Ute is hand painted in soothing modern colours. Choose 1 sibling or choose 2 siblings to sit together - there are only 2 siblings available. 

"I am an Auckland based ceramic artist from Beach Haven and have been working with clay for many years. Since retiring from IT at the end of 2020 I devoted most of my time to my art. My passion is hand-building, exploring forms and allowing the clay to take the lead in the artistic process. The result of my work is a mix of sculpture and utilitarian items.
I believe there are no boundaries to what clay and color can create."  Ute Wallbach

  • 177 x 180 x 58 mm
  • Built to stand with a flat base

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