Solid Colognes | Zorilla

$32.90 NZD

Solid Colognes | Zorilla

Zorilla produce solid colognes here in New Zealand. Not only do they smell amazing, they are packaged in 100% recyclable card sliding boxes and have no foam in sight. They are made using NZ beeswax and Pacific Island coconut oil and either fragrance oil, or essential oils.

  • Travel friendly.
  • Reapply throughout the day completely unnoticed.
  • Longer lasting than Liquid Cologne.
  • The Solid Cologne Tin is not going to smash if you throw your gym bag around.
  • It does not leak or melt ( unless left in a hot car for hours‚Ķ)
  • Costs a fraction of the cost of Liquid Cologne.
  • It does not contain any alcohol which can cause irritation to skin
  • This Travel Friendly Solid Cologne is a blend of essential oils and fragrance to create a musky, warm scent.

  • The solid base ensures it is easy to apply, does not leak or melt and lasts ages.

  • Made in New Zealand with fragrance and New Zealand beeswax, shea butter.

  • The 11 gram tin comes presented in a slide out box, perfect for gifting.

  • The pocket size solid cologne tin perfect to carry all the time for top ups throughout the day. The tin is opened with a sliding motion. Totally addictive to slide open and closed‚Ķ‚Ķ

  • To apply just rub wax until it softens, or rub around the oil surface. Apply to neck or wrist, or wherever you want to smell great!

  • Why‚Äôs light fragrance does not change it‚Äôs smell throughout the day, keeping you smelling great.

  • You has top notes of Oudh and leather. A warm woody meets vanilla aroma with strong base notes. With the addition of vetiver there is a slightly smoky base note. It is the perfect scent for someone who does not want a too powerful overwhelming cologne. Maybe a more mature fragrance.

  • Zed has top notes of fresh grapefruit with long base notes of guaiac wood. A sophisticated scent.

  • Ex is a complex scent with top notes of citrus bergamot, moving to spicier mid notes of saffron. The final journey is a warm and rich musk aroma. 

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