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Box Set Of Kisses & Cuddles

$39.90 NZD

These classic stories have just been released and abridged in board format for even littler ones. This box set of 2 is the perfect introduction to the Kiss and Cuddle characters and the special finishing makes this a beautiful gift.

ÔªøThis special edition box set is bound to become a firm favourite and a treasured family keepsake.

I Got You Some Kisses

When a busy day draws you apart, these kisses will bring you home

Take your little one on a trip to the ends of the earth and scoop up all the kisses you find along the way. Together, you’ll travel from the hills of Peru, to deep outer space and discover that love has no bounds - and that kisses can never, ever run out.

The Gift of a Cuddle

Told by a grown up trying to make the perfect cuddle for their little one, this book is about all of the wonderful things cuddles can do.

Box set measures 15cm x 15cm x 4cm wide and holds 2 board books.

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