Jay Lloyd

Wall Mount Albatross

$199.00 NZD

"The essence of nature around us can be expressed with simple clean lines and movement. I try to capture this essence, to evoke memories, without the complication of unnecessary detail."- Jay Lloyd.

The simplicity of these amazing hand forged bronze Albatross sculptures belies the skill & craftsmanship that goes into making them. From conception, mould making & casting to handworking & polishing these exquisite & collectable bronzes take hours for skilled artist Jay Lloyd to create in his Waiheke Island foundry.

Jay has perfectly captured the majesty of this amazing bird in bronze. Hand waxed they are suitable for displaying indoors or and are real show stoppers on your wall.

Size is measured from wing tip to wing tip.

Also available online are Feathers, Hooks, Stingrays, Pipi Shell, Whale Tails, Kereu & Tui.


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